We pulled this aged doe from the pasture two weeks before the show.  For a six year old, she looks pretty good!  She gives us great wethers each year. 

Show 1- 3rd place
Show 2- 1st place, Divisional Grand

Dancer's Wildcat
Percentage Doe
0-3 months
Show 1- 4th out of 17
Show 2- 2nd out of 17



Keelee Blomshield showing "Wildcat"
1st place  0-3 mo.
Judge:  Coni Ross



Fullblood Doe  3-6 months
Show 1- 5th out of 18
Show 2- 7th out of 17
Percentage Doe
9-12 months
Show 1- 2nd place
Show 2- 2nd place

5 Star Goat Producers Show 1
Brenham, Texas

Division Reserve Champion Doe
Zap-Tex Flashdance

5 Star Goat Producers Show 2
Brenham, Texas

Overall Grand Champion Doe
Ash Creek Dovie

5 Star Goat Producers Show 1
Brenham, Texas

Overall Grand Champion Buck
Zap-Tex Powerstroke

Overall Grand Champion Doe
Ash Creek Dovie

Best of Texas Show
Snyder, Texas

      Overall Grand Champion Buck
        Zap-Tex Powerstroke

      JABGA Reserve Grand Champion Doe 
    Zap-Tex Flashdance 


Meat Goat Capital Classic 2009
Zap-Tex Powerstroke- Overall Grand Champion Buck Show 2
Ash Creek Dovie- Sr. Grand Champion FB Doe, Show 1,
Sr. Reserve Champion, Show 2

Zap-Tex Powerstroke
1st Place 6-9 mo. Bucks
110 Show Points!

Zap-Tex Powerstroke
Windy Acres Taken By Storm
Zap-Tex Playin' with Fire

National Reserve Champion Get of Sire
Sired By: EGGspensive Powerplay
Owned by: Matt's Boers

Zap-Tex Powerstroke (110 show points!)
1st Place 6-9 mo. Bucks
Zap-Tex Playin' with Fire
1st Place 0-3 mo. Fullblood Does
National Reserve Champion Best Pair of Fullblood Kids Both Sexes

Bo Jangle Magic- Yearling Reserve Grand Champion
Owned in partnership with  King Farms Boers.

Zap-Tex Dancer's Pride
1st Place, 3-6 mo. Panhandle SouthPlains Fair

Zap-Tex Power Point
Jr. Grand Champion of the American Premier Show
1st place 6-9 in Yellow Rose Classic

Windy Acres Power Driver
1st place 0-3 mo. at the American Premier
SIRED BY: Zap-Tex Powerstroke

Premier Show of Texas in Abilene, April 2010
Power Deuce and Voodoo Magic

Payton Graves with his doe, Zap-Tex Playin' Tricks on You
Payton is a very important member of 2 Sons Boer Goats in Scroggins, Texas.  Congratulations on your wins and GOOD LUCK on your upcoming shows!

Our West Texas Juniors did a great job!
1st Place 0-3 mo. Fullblood Does
1st Place 6-9 mo. Fullblood Bucks
4th Place 12-16 mo. Fullblood Does
3rd Place 0-3 Percentage Does
9th Place 12-16 mo. Fullblood Bucks
1st Place 6-9 mo. Fullblood Does
2nd Place 24-36 mo. Fullblood Does
2nd Place 36+ Fullblood Bucks
National Reserve Champion Fullblood Buck
National Grand & Reserve Best Pair of Fullblood Kids Both Sexes
National Grand Champion Best Pair Fullblood Buck Kids
National Grand Champion Fullblood Produce of Dam

At the Shows

Zap-Tex Goodnight Irene and Zap-Tex Can't Deny It
Grand Champion Produce of Dam

Zap-Tex No Questions Asked
2nd place 0-3 mo. Class

Zap-Tex C'mon Eileen
1st place 0-3 mo. fullblood does

Kylee and Kelli with Jackie Edwards and all of their ribbons.

Grand Champion Best Pair of Percentage Doe Kids
Zap-Tex Get to the Point
and Zap-Tex Talk to Me

Zap-Tex Goodnight Irene
with Morgan Price
Yearling Grand Champion Percentage Doe

Zap-Tex War Game
DOB: 9/18/10
Overall Reserve Buck- May Day Classic Jr. Show
1st Place 6-9 mo. bucks- May Day Classic Show 1
1st Place 6-9 mo. bucks- May Day Classic, Show 3
Overall Grand Champion Buck- JABGA Regional Show, April 2011 in Abilene
Jr. Grand Champion- The Premier Show of TX, Abilene, April 2011

Zap-Tex Can't Deny It
106+ Points
Full Sister to Zap-Tex Goodnight Irene

1st Show- Colder Than Hale Jr. Show
Overall Reserve Grand Champion
Ft. Worth Stock Show
Jr. Grand Champion
High Selling Doe at the Windy City Classic
Now owned by Star E Ranch

Zap-Tex Goodnight Irene
Full Sister to Zap-Tex Can't Deny It

We sold this doe in our Buckles and Banners Sale on Sept. 18, 2010.  Since then she has accumulated 236+ points.  8 Overall Grands
5 Overall Reserve Grands
Now owned by Cindy Westfall